How would your life change if you addressed you mental & emotional roadblocks?

You know it is time to face your mental health challenges. Like so many others, you probably have been putting this decision off. Take a deep breath, your in the right place.

Chris’s unique approach to Psychotherapy is designed for people like you.

Your mental health struggles may feel overwhelming, but they are a profound opportunity for your healing and growth.

You are needed more than ever before to inspire, lead and innovate.

As leaders, entrepreneurs, and creatives, we strive to impact the lives of others. This capacity comes from our personal essence. Emotional and mental struggles can diminish, even halt, these abilities. Addressing your mental-health challenges can help you re-engage and even amplify your influence in this world.

You know the drill… Put your mask on first, then help others. (It’s time to do it!)

Too often, we prioritize others, our businesses, or creative pursuits, neglecting our own needs, that lead to burnout and exhaustion. Now is the time to put your self-care first. Embracing self-care isn’t selfishness; it’s essential for a life filled with happiness, fulfillment, and effectiveness.

This is your time to heal, recover & become.

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What professionals are saying

Chris demonstrates unparalleled skill when empathizing, validating, and empowering individuals. His therapeutic influence has the potential to leave a long-lasting positive impact.

Through emphasizing personal strengths, he assists clients with transforming harmful patterns into constructive routines. His aptitude for counselling, is illustrated through his rare personality, and vast amount of wide-ranging experience.

Stephanie R.


Bringing Chris on board was a game-changer for both my clients and me. Watching him shift individuals from struggle to a place of clarity, passion, and purpose has been a rewarding experience. Chris has a profound understanding of growth mindset and mindfulness, and an uncanny ability to unlock people’s potential. Personally, the concepts and perspectives I have learned from Chris have stuck with me over the years and have been a cornerstone at pivotal points in my life.

Nick C.

Performance Coach

Strengthening your leadership has much to do with recognizing and maximizing your strengths. Chris is a solution-focused and strengths-based leader, who walks beside others to help them flourish personally and maximize their influence. His goal-oriented leadership style and his empathetic therapeutic approach sets Chris apart as a therapist and guide who helps leaders get better … and when a leader gets better, everyone wins!

Dave L.


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